FRP Tanks

Readily available 22KL Under Ground FRP Tanks designed as per BS 4994 with wide application in the chemical industry

FRP Tanks - Specifications

  • Designed as per BS4994.
  • Max O.D: 2090mm Max Length: 8370
  • Weight of Tank:
  • Capacity: 22KL

Area of Application:

  • chlor-alkali manufacturers,
  • fertilizer,
  • wood pulp and paper,
  • metal extraction,
  • refining,
  • electroplating,
  • brine,
  • vinegar,
  • food processing,
  • municipal waste water treatment plants and water treatment plants.

These FRP Tanks are suitable to store various liquids. The detail on such liquids is listed under the heading "C'POL 301" mentioned in the document uploaded in this website.
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FRP Tanks