Envirox™ is a liquid combustion catalyst manufactured using Nano Technology applied to High Speed Diesel (HSD) and other Residual Fuel Oil (RFO) for enhancing complete combustion of the base fuel to get the maximum energy and power per unit of base fuel and thereby ensuring no left over of carbon residues and hence increasing the life of the equipment.

Need :

  • Decreasing quality of base fuel leading to increased maintenance cost.
  • Increasing level of pollution.
  • Increasing Fuel cost.


  • Improves Fuel efficiency by 4% to 15%.
  • Cleans Engines by reducing existing carbon deposits and preventing build up of additional carbon deposits within the engine, particularly on the cylinder head and piston crown.
  • Lowers Harmful Emissions
    • Particulates (PM) Up to 18% reduction observed.
    • Hydrocarbons (HC) Up to 13% reduction observed.
    • Carbon Monoxide (CO) Up to 6% reduction observed.

Pre Usage Requirements

  • No Modification of Engines or equipments required.
  • No additional stirrer required for mixing.
  • An efficient installation of flow meter may help

Technical Knowhow provider & Suppliers:

  • Energenics Pte Ltd (Singapore).
  • Energenics (UK).

Relevant Information:

  • Improves fuel economy by 4-10%.
  • Reduces harmful emissions up to 18%.
  • Easy to use – dosing units.
  • Manual dosing option.
  • Basic element of the additive, Cerium oxide is a well known oxidation catalyst being reduced to a size of 10 nanometre giving it a high surface area & layer of ‘active oxygen’ due to lattice strain before dispersing in hydrocarbon solvent.
  • Dose level = 5 to 10 mg/litre (5-10 ppm) depending on the nature of the base fuel.

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