Ener Diesel

EnerDieselTM (E8) is a superior, clean diesel fuel which is produced by a proven technology and constitutes of 7.7% Ethanol + 91.8% Regular Diesel + 0.5% Solubilizer.

Need :

  • Enerdiesel is a solution to
  • India’s dependence on petroleum which threatens our energy security, affects our environment, and weakens our economy.
  • Establish safe, clean, sustainable alternatives to petroleum.
  • Benefit to farmers and new job opportunities.


Direct Benefits : Indirect Benefits :
  • Benefits observed from the first fill-up.
  • 28 % Bio fuel substitution in Diesel.
  • Significant reduction of white and black smoke.
  • Reduced dependency on Imports.
  • Savings in Foreign Exchequer.
  • Direct and sustained benefit to Agricultural community

Reduction of pollutants

Pre Usage Requirements

  • Centrally fueled stations.
  • Installation of blending system consisting of UG FRP tanks and electronic blending unit.

Patent holder & Supplier:

  • Energenics Pte. Ltd. (Singapore).

Relevant Information:

  • Compatible with all base diesel fuels: (BS1, BS2, BS3,BS4 on and off road, and biodiesel.)
  • Lubricity enhancement: Up to 40%.
  • Improves conductivity – reduces fire accidents due to static charge build up)
  • Cetane number: Equals to or exceeds that of base fuel.
  • Distribution system cleanliness.
  • Fungible: Vehicle can fill up with regular diesel if operating out of area, avoiding “range” restrictions.
  • Stable in variety of climates: Cold and hot weather stability and operability.
  • Maintains engine performance: No measurable torque or horsepower loss.
  • Maintains fuel economy: KMPL offered by EnerDiesel™ and regular Diesel in bus fleets is similar.
  • Easily blended: EnerDiesel™ is blended at fueling stations instantaneously while filling the Fleet Fuel tanks
  • Prospective potential maintenance gain ie negligible maintenance cost

Ener Diesel


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